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AmprNet/ coordinator for the following networks:
44.44/16 - Massachusetts
44.52/16 - New Hampshire
44.54/16 - Vermont
44.56/16 - Pennsylvania
44.60/16 - Maryland
44.64/16 - New Jersey
44.66/16 - Delaware
44.88/16 - Connecticut
44.104/16 - Rhode Island
44.118/16 - Maine

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* UROWeb's ftp site, Guestbook, IPURO:N1URO-5 Stats, Email Listings, Daily
Fortune, Online Amateur Operator Database, Calendar, Hostname IP Resolver
Domain Administration Viewer, Route Tracer, check email, and more!

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* Amateur Radio links, Commercial Radio Days, Current Connecticut IP-RF
Addresses, Field Day in Plymouth, Connecticut, Nodestack Pics, Bristol
Connecticut unofficial Coffee Net, Pizza Net, Coverage Maps, Request MFNOS,
look at our web server statistics, SpamNet map, and more!

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* Search Engines, User Pages, AHL Hockey Link, and more!

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