Uh-huh, we bad! :-)

Hi mommy and visitors! I'm Peanut and I'm one bad ass cat! Since coming over here, I'm pretty much the new ruler of the house (he he he) So far I like looking out the window behind the futon and when the new people go to sleep I lay down on the rug in front of the kitchen doorway to keep eyes on things..but I still miss mommy!

I'm Poofy or you can call me the Poofinator. I'm still a little bit scared here in this new place but the humans here seem to be ok. I've looked around when they don't see me but usually I try to keep hidden because I don't know them too well yet but they seem to be ok so far. I just keep thinking that my mommy said she's gonna come visit me and I hope so cuz I love her and miss her lots too!

We love you mommy!!

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