Hack to get Winlink 2000 on URONode and NetRom - by N1URO

How to get WL2K on URONode/LinuxNode and NetRom by N1URO

Ok, so you use linux and want to run an RMS gateway to give your users Winlink 2000 support on your system but how do you do it if you
don't use Windows? Not to worry, I have a hack to do this! (of course hi!) First you need to install the RMS software which you can
find my custom edits at: ftp://n1uro.ampr.org/pub/hamradio/packet/rmsgw-2.3.0-151.tar.gz . Read the help file on http://www.winlink.org and install
all the xml, sql, etc packages you need to support a proper compile before you open this up.

Do NOT use any install scripts provided by the Winlink team!! You have been warned!!!

Next, run: "make clean", "makedepend", "make", and then finally "make install" pending you had no critical compile errors.

You will notice it installs itself in /usr/local/bin and a new config directory /etc/rmsgw will also be made. You'll next want
to go into /etc/rmsgw/ and edit banner with your local info. 

Next, edit gateway.conf. Insure AUTHMODE=SGL. AUTHMODE=TEL now is unsupported and you won't get in.

After that, edit channels.xml. In "channel name =" enter in the ax25 interface name for your user interface (get it from your axports file) 
and complete that line with type=ax25 and active=yes. Put in your callsign in basecall, then your callsign-ssid in callsign. For password, 
login to the web interface and request a webmail password. Place that password in the password field here. Enter in your gridsquare and other
info accordingly. Save this file. Note: you can NOT enter in any NetRom interface nor can you say NetRom for the type= in this file! You CAN
add it to your NetRom services though! See below.

Now for the fun part...

In /etc/ax25/nrports add a new NetRom interface (I use nr3):
nr3             N1URO-10   RMSURO       236     Winlink RMS gateway

In your startup scripts, don't forget to nrattach, and ifconfig nr# the interface!

In /etc/ax25/ax25d.conf, create a hook to the rmsgw program as follows:
[n1uro-10 via ax0]
NOCALL          * * * * * *  L
N1URO-1         * * * * * *  L
default         * * * * * *  - rmsgw /usr/local/bin/rmsgw rmsgw -l notice -c /etc/rmsgw/gateway.conf -P ax0 %U

Repeat this for all your ax25 interfaces.

Under your new NetRom interface (mine is nr3 RMSURO:N1URO-10):

# WL2K (leave out the ' ' below, the < won't print on the web)
NOCALL   * * * * * *  L
default         * * * * * *  - rmsgw /usr/local/bin/rmsgw rmsgw -l notice -c /etc/rmsgw/gateway.conf -P ax0 %U

Restart your ax25 system and you should be good to go! Don't forget to email Steve Waterman - k4cjx@comcast.net
and request authorization as a new RMS Gateway... be polite in your mail and give him as much information from 
your config files as possible so he can update the website accordingly. He will confirm your access with a reply.

I also suggest playing by their rules:
keep your system up 24/7, keep your rms gateway software up-to-date (I'll try to keep my edits available online
if you prefer cleaner screens) and encourage usage on packet radio!

73 de N1URO
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