URONode and axMail are packages for the linux operating system which uses the native linux protocol stacks and engines to provide a hamradio node and SMTP/POP mail system. Because of using the native protocol stacks it's one of the fastest node packages available today.

There's several ways to configure and install URONode. I have provided many scripts for you to use which will get you on your way along with plugins for each package to add performances to your userbase to make their usage of your system more enjoyable. There's also multiple sites where you may download these.

Where to find them?

The main sites for public download may be found at:
URONode on Sourceforge.
axMail on Sourceforge.
URONode/axMail here.

Why NOT Windows?

If your OS is incapable of running protocol 4, you will not get connectivity. This includes all Microsoft products. This is because Microsoft improperly mislabeled protocol 4 as IP Version 4.
See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/949848 for more details.

Configuration script

I suggest, if you're using a debian/apt-get type system that you may want to use the uronode-pi script. This will use the apt system to grab all the needed base files, create your links, and set you up with a SysvINIT script to which you only need to add a few variables. The script will configure your Amprnet routing if you so choose to get on the Amprnet.
Note: you do NOT have to be on the amprnet to use URONode, however it may hinder the usage of axMail as SMTP is an IP based system. You'll also need to edit the files in /etc/ax25/ to get yourself going as well. You should read LinuxConf to help you understand how to edit the main protocol stack files.Advantages over other nodes URONode has many advantages over all other nodes in how it's able to communicate. While other nodes lay claims to do this, URONode actually DOES natively! For a comparison to nodes here's a table to study:

node			OSI Layer 4
Software	ax.25	NetRom	Rose	AMPR	FlexNet  Port<>MultiPort-digi
--------	-----	------	----	----	-------  -------------------
URONode		  Y        Y      Y       Y       Y          Y
BPQ		  Y       Y**     N      N*       N          N
XRouter		  Y       Y**     N      N*       N          N
FPAC		  Y       Y*      Y       Y       N          N
xNOS		  Y       Y*      N       Y       N          N
LinuxNode         Y        Y      Y       Y       N          N
XNET		  Y       Y**     N       Y       Y          Y

Y* - Not Software2000 (c) compliant, could cause issues.
Y**- INP3 based, causes false propagation of unconnectable nodes.
     Also makes it non-complaint to Software2000 specifications.
N* - Requires a 3rd party software shim.
So as you see, there's a great reason to want to run URONode. For those who wish to use an ANSI Color terminal, you may also grant them a full color system. These settings are part of the .perms file which you may read about in the man pages. I have done some extended work to try and insure all your needed help is within various man pages.

Support/Mail list

Thanks to TAPR, we have a userbase support list where you may post questions and I'll do what I can to answer. You may subscribe to our URONode list at:
Thanks for reading and if you install URONode and/or axMail feel free to drop me a note.
73 de N1URO
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